Something about all work and no play...

Anyway, what I do for fun isn't much of a concern to anyone, but it is a little bit on the different side. I like speed. No, not that kind of speed. And no, I don't street race. In fact, I rarely get pulled over while driving. The kind of speed I'm talking about, involves trying to navigate various turns at speeds in excess of triple digits. Safely and legally, of course.

I'm talking about MOTORSPORTS. Turning left and right. On a road course. I know, I know...This day and age? Wasting precious gasoline to go around in a circle? Even the staunchest of conservatives don't see burning gas for fun as, well, fun. But just like graphic design and art direction, I seem to have a knack for it. Unlike graphic design and art direction...I can't make money doing it.

So here I am. I've got a little collection of some diatribes I've written on "teh Intarwebs" on various aspects of performance driving (and some involve not quite so performance driving). Some of it is passable as entertainment, some not quite so. If you share some passion on driving fast and having fun while doing it, but doing it in a safe and legal manner? Enjoy yourself. In addition I've got some nice motorsports photography linked from my gallery and also some product evaluation I've written through out the years.


  • Motorsports

    I'm not going to pretend I'm the fastest driver ever. Heck in nearly 10 years of doing this, I'm finding that there's still plenty to learn...Just about every time I go on track. However, having sat passenger seat for a few years now teaching others to drive fast in a safe manner has given me some tools to impart a little bit of that knowledge.

    I've collected some diatribes about how to drive fast here. They're random thoughts usually as a response to random questions. I hope someone somewhere will find this stuff useful.

  • Product Evaluations/Articles

    I've freelanced as a technical writer and a product evaluation editor for the local BMW CCA chapter, Los Angeles, for about 5 years now. Most of these are my honest assessment of the products I received for free, or purchased on a significant discount, or some outright paid full retail for.

  • Random Musings/Blog
    Hope none of my current/future employers or potential clients ever find this stuff offensive... Sometimes my mind can only handle so much stuff going on at the same time, and I have to dump some of my random thoughts...Well, this where I store them.