"Daddy, what's 'THAT?'"

I'm just waiting for the day for my daughter to ask me this question about that phone sitting in the corner of the living room.

We've been a family without a "land line" for over 7 years now, so it's RARE that my little 5 year old has seen an actual phone that's not a square shape that you hold up to your ear (or in my case, use a head-set to make calls). Even my nearĀ septuagenarian parents use their cell phone almost exclusively. So when my wife installed a land line due to her business use, and we had to scramble to find an actual "land" phone to plug into, it was kinda weird dusting off an old phone from storage to plug it in.

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The wonderful NSD Spinner

For those of you that know me, you probably know I'm no physical adonis nor any sort of fitness expert. For that, you need to consult my friend Jonathan Lawson. Let's say I've been confused with another friend who's nickname was "Doeboy" more often than not. So I'm not going to give any specific exercise tips here, and take what I do have to "recommend" with a good grain of salt, of course.

Jonathan has been doing some work with NSD Power US, writing a wonderful blog and converting on quite a few of his friends on their NSD Spinner product. I am now one of the converts.

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Why I like Rapunzel

Disney's Rapunzel & Pascal in "Tangled"

A grown man with an infatuation on a Disney Princess? Creepy.

But hear me out.

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