In my 14+ years working in the creative field I've amassed some skills that's helped me along in creating design that solves my client and employer's marketing problems. Here's a short list of skills and programs that I use on a daily basis and my experience level with it:

Adobe Creative Suite:

Photoshop: I've been using Photoshop since it was version 1.0 back in 1991. I'm an expert in retouching, color correction, and composition using photoshop and can be considered an advanced user. Photoshop is my primary tool for photo manipulation as well as a secondary tool for illustration.

Illustrator: I've been using Illustrator since version 3.0. I'm an expert in vector art work, using Illustrator for various conceptual diagrams, illustrations, and some rudimentary 3D drawing. Illustrator is my primary tool for illustration as well as manipulating various vector graphics, as well as larger packaging design layouts .

InDesign: I've been using InDesign since version 1.0, and am one of the early adapters of InDesign when QuarkXPress still dominated the market. InDesign is my primary tool for multiple page, copy heavy layout.

Flash: I've been using Flash since Macromedia first came out with the product, long before Adobe purchased Macromedia. I use Flash mainly for banners, interactive elements, and large scale presentation. 

Dreamweaver: I've also been using DreamWeaver since version 1.0, and it remains my primary tool for editing HTML and managing web pages outside of a dynamic content management system. The majority of my web design starts on Dreamweaver and migrates to some code clean-up by hand in Dreamweaver's codeview, unless the changes are done on the CMS side.

Besides these applications for creatives, I'm also well versed in Microsoft Office products:

Word: Use it daily for writing purposes. Also use it for label printing and mail merge when the occasion arises.

Excel: Use it sparingly, although I'm comfortable with the application. Use Excel mostly for budget analysis, keeping track of large parts databases and descriptions. Used it extensively to create ACES/PIES data, a standardized format of application data for the Automotive Industry.

PowerPoint: Use it sparingly. But I'm an expert in PowerPoint, once created a 100+ slide presentation using PP for a trial presentation.

Following is a list of disciplines that I have mastered over the years:

Creative Direction
Search Engine Optimization
Online Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Website Design
Print Production

In addition I also have great relationships with various vendors, as well as excellent experience in managing a creative and marketing staff.