Here you will find some examples of websites that are developed with a cohesive brand message, with the proper marketing message tailored to suite the consumer.

Online Work

Does it take a special discipline to create a website, compared to print design? It’s a duality most companies have struggled with. In all honesty? The skills and experiences required to be a good designer SHOULD translate regardless of the medium. So why does everyone separate the job descriptions between a traditional designer and a web designer? Read on…

It’s true that the “art” of design, or the theories and principles behind the profession, is the same between the two mediums…Print and Online. However, there are distinctions between the delivery of the medium and limitations of both. Just like designing for video delivery, or designing for point of purchase displays, each medium presents unique challenges to the creative process. Often times traditional print designers can’t work within the confines of codes and tags, even with modern WYSIWYG editing tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver. However, successful creatives can and should be able to translate their visions across each medium.

Unfortunately I still see a lot of companies today separating their web design team from their creative services department. In my opinion, this is an inefficient way to do business, since Marketing is now forced to communicate with creative services AND IT to get their message out, and when you give two messages to two entities, well, you don’t always get consistent results. In my opinion, web design should be part of creative services and bridge the gap for marketing, and it is a designer’s responsibility to understand the medium and work closely with IT and web development to come up with a design that can be deployed easily, under the supervision of a Creative Lead or Creative Director.

Here you will find some examples of websites that are developed with a cohesive brand message, with the proper marketing message tailored to suite the consumer.

aFePower Redesign

aFePower.com redesign was somewhat of an unprecedented opportunity for me...I actually remembered to capture the OLD website and how it looks before the new one is implemented.

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American Muscle Car Challenge

Okay, to be honest? This isn't a website. So why is it in this section? I'll tell you all about it.

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NSD Power US website

Sometimes, when you're given unfettered and unrestrained creative freedom, it isn't always a good thing. In the case of NSD Power US, being the sole creative responsible for all the company media, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet the business needs while knowing you have full creative control over the creation of the website.

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B&M Racing website

B&M Racing was a unique challenge. Well, if they're your mundane websites I probably wouldn't list them here otherwise you'll be here all day trying to sort through hundreds of sites I worked on just to find one you're interested in. Anyway, what's unique about B&M was that it's actually a rather strong brand name. A brand name that has slowly declined in the "internet" age due to neglect. Their web presence was terrible. And not having a strong web presence was starting to show a negative effect on sales and marketing.


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Hurst Shifters Website

Ah, the LEGENDARY Hurst Shifters brand. What once was a proud American Icon, through multiple acquisitions and years and years of competing against B&M, it suffered some of the same issues that B&M did through the beginning of the "digital age."

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