NSD Power US website

Sometimes, when you're given unfettered and unrestrained creative freedom, it isn't always a good thing. In the case of NSD Power US, being the sole creative responsible for all the company media, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet the business needs while knowing you have full creative control over the creation of the website.

NSD Power US Website

The reality is, there’s really no such thing as FULL creative freedom. Right away we were “handcuffed” by the existing eCommerce solution, a proprietary shopping cart with very rudimentary content management built on ASP.net. While I would have loved to implement Joomla again with a eCommerce plug-in, or try Drupal, a business decision was made to continue to use Vevocart since it was already paid for.

While the package isn’t nearly as robust as some of the more mature free CMS packages out there, I managed to build a complete and functional site on top of an unfamiliar back-end. The end result is bounce rate went down, user engagement went up, and despite the limited sales the company does through the website, judging from overall sales data the site has had a positive influence through other sales channels.