B&M Racing website

B&M Racing was a unique challenge. Well, if they're your mundane websites I probably wouldn't list them here otherwise you'll be here all day trying to sort through hundreds of sites I worked on just to find one you're interested in. Anyway, what's unique about B&M was that it's actually a rather strong brand name. A brand name that has slowly declined in the "internet" age due to neglect. Their web presence was terrible. And not having a strong web presence was starting to show a negative effect on sales and marketing.



B&M Racing Website

But that's not entirely the "unique" part of the challenge. B&M is also a pioneer in its respective industry. One of the founding members of SEMA, and the founders of B&M were once pioneers in the automotive aftermarket industry. Ever since Bob Spar sold the company, they've been trying to recapture some of that pioneering luster while operating within the guidelines of the new ownership.

One of the "pioneering" aspect was venturing into "direct sales." The automotive industry, at least the larger players like B&M, have long relied on distribution channels to achieve their sales goals. While that still largely holds true, the fact still remains that every stop away from the factory, the margin grows slimmer.

The task at hand, is to convert a company that has never done e-commerce successfully into a well oiled machine, and an industry front runner in doing so. All within a very compressed timeline. The goal was to start generating sales within one month, and a complete overhaul of the web architecture within three, and by the end of the first year start showing significant revenue generated from e-commerce to be self sufficient, and then DOUBLE that revenue year over year.

And do that with a relatively new and proprietary back office system with a rudimentary e-commerce engine.

So the responsibility of designing a layout, implementing the layout, integrating with the back office system, setting up pricing and descriptions, and implementing a cohesive online advertising and marketing program fell squarely on my shoulders. And at the end of the day? B&M's website climbed to the top of Alexa rankings amongst companies in the same industry (well, it's no Google but I'm damn proud of it), well ahead of its peers.

I guess it goes to show that when you have the same guy executing the marketing plan, the creative vision, and the actual hand coding and customization of the site you can have very encouraging results (yes we did double revenue year over year...Between 2008 to 2011. Did someone say the Great Recession?).

But I wouldn't recommend it.