Hurst Shifters Website

Ah, the LEGENDARY Hurst Shifters brand. What once was a proud American Icon, through multiple acquisitions and years and years of competing against B&M, it suffered some of the same issues that B&M did through the beginning of the "digital age."


The problem here, is that after B&M acquired Hurst, the aftermarket shifter "conglomerate" never had a cohesive plan for internet marketing. Both sites suffered, but Hurst more than B&M because, well, it was an afterthought. When I arrived, there was no "Hurst Shifter" website to speak of besides a rudimentary "under construction" page.

In a way it was liberating, since starting from scratch means I'm working with a completely blank piece of "paper." No pre-existing site and programming means I'm free to do as I please. A designer's wet dream, so to speak. In the mean time, as I was implementing the B&M website, the obvious decision was to use the same engine B&M uses.

But the Hurst brand being such a strong brand also presented some problems. I have to design and implement a look and feel consistent with Hurst BUT entirely different from B&M. While B&M's product typically suited a higher end clientele, Hurst is all about the classic American Muscle (and even more so modern day American Muscle). Plus a very complicated application guide made designing for the "data" portion of the website far more paramount.

So while the "look" and feel of the website isn't my typical elegant, corporate sensibility, it did give me an opportunity to have some fun with embedding some fun, dynamic media on the home page LONG before streaming video was the "in" thing. Overall, it was more of a triumph of function rather than form, but I'm proud of it none the less.