American Muscle Car Challenge

Okay, to be honest? This isn't a website. So why is it in this section? I'll tell you all about it.

No, this doesn't really have much to do with designing websites. This, however, has everything to do with online marketing...In a good and a bad way.

I'm not going to lie about it. B&M put in about $10,000 to make this event happen. The logistics of it, the cost, the work and sweat going into an event, I'm not going to fret over it, although I was an integral part of making the event happen, from planning, securing the track and date, promoting it through various avenues, organizing the attendees and support staff...etc. And I did have a lot of help. David Mecey and the entire BMW CCA instructor corp was instrumental in the on-track instruction. The L.A. Chapter of BMW CCA provided valuable volunteers to help with registration. And my in-laws helped with the catering.

And the amount of chatter and positive energy it generated amongst the attendees is well worth that money and effort put into it. The amount of pre-event and post-event discussion on various forums, the viral videos of the event, the buzz and energy was all unprecedented in the industry. And it put B&M and Hurst right in front of their biggest growth market, the Challenger, Camaro, and Mustang owners.

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Camaro 5


So what's unique about this event? Almost none of the money spent went into marketing for the event. All marketing was done via social media outlets and forum chatter. I didn't sent out invitations. No direct mail, no print advertising, no flyers. It was all done via word of mouth, social media, and forums because that's where I want the discussions and chatters to live on AFTER the event.