B&M Product Catalog

The bi-annual hurdle of completing the B&M Racing Product catalog...Where do we begin?

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Falken Tires Brochure

The Falken Tire catalog is of an interesting challenge. We started the process of laying out the catalog late, shortly before the big industry tradeshow, SEMA, with quite a few of the products in the line-up not ready for photoshoot.

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Hurst Shifters Catalog

The Hurst Shifter catalog faces a lot of the same challenges as the B&M catalog...So I won't go there again.

The way some of the Hurst's bread and butter products, the manual shifters for a lot of Classic American vehicles, works makes it challenging for the product brochure. Hurst shifters basically works in two pieces: The shifter mechanism and the installation kit. The installation kit usually is tied to a specific transmission, while the shifter is tied to certain make and models...But there are shifters that will work for multiple models, sometimes within the same make, sometimes across makes.

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