Hurst Shifters Catalog

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The Hurst Shifter catalog faces a lot of the same challenges as the B&M catalog...So I won't go there again.

The way some of the Hurst's bread and butter products, the manual shifters for a lot of Classic American vehicles, works makes it challenging for the product brochure. Hurst shifters basically works in two pieces: The shifter mechanism and the installation kit. The installation kit usually is tied to a specific transmission, while the shifter is tied to certain make and models...But there are shifters that will work for multiple models, sometimes within the same make, sometimes across makes.

So listing the products by their part numbers makes little sense. And your typical shopper would obviously be looking for a shifter by their year, make, and model...And it WOULD be easy to list the shifter and installation kit that works for that particular year of the make and model too, but this makes for a complicated, indecipherable chart that would take multiple spreads to complete.

Anyway, the data/matrix was condensed into a simple to read spread that covers 3 pages and saved enough pages to reduce the page count from 64 to 40 (part of that is also a lot of part numbers got slashed from the catalog). Saved enough money to pay for UV for the outside cover.