Falken Tires Brochure

The Falken Tire catalog is of an interesting challenge. We started the process of laying out the catalog late, shortly before the big industry tradeshow, SEMA, with quite a few of the products in the line-up not ready for photoshoot.

In addition, red, the accent color for Falken, is not a common enough color to find in subject to shoot. The catalog's design calls for ALL the subjects (cars) to be in red, and we had to shoot whatever that is available, and then use good old Photoshop to outline, color correct, and adjust whatever colors we shot to the same "red" for all the cars.

In addition, the cars aren't aways available to shoot in the desired background, and we had to plan, coordinate, organize, and sort of make all the magic happen in the backend to pull the catalog together for SEMA, in 6 short weeks. While it wasn't an impossible task, it was a challenge for sure.