B&M Product Catalog

The bi-annual hurdle of completing the B&M Racing Product catalog...Where do we begin?

Part of the challenge behind the B&M catalog, and to the same extent, the Hurst catalog, is the distribution house for the industry, has a quarterly bulk mail to all their customers. Unfortunately B&M's annual car show also typically falls about 2 months before this deadline. Couple that with the typical print cycle for 30,000 pieces, and the usual challenge to get all the product changes done, in all reality there's only about 2 weeks time to lay out BOTH catalogs.

Another challenge is the sheer number of products B&M offers. Ranging from automatic shifters, to torque converters, to transmissions, and various other parts, there's in excess of a thousand part numbers that needs to be featured one way or another in the catalog.

Sometimes some projects make you pull your hair out.

But then, when it all comes together miraculously...With the help of various co-workers, subordinates, and vendors (Can't thank Tom Faust at Dual Graphics enough), it just makes you smile on the inside and gives you the fuel to work in the Design industry for another day.