CUDL Annual Report, 2003

This annual report gave me the opportunity to do something outside of my usual scope up to that point in my career.

It gave me the chance to step back and manage. Up to 2003, I've typically handled most of the creative work alone. You know, jack-of-all-trade and all...Concept, pitch, design, write copy (sometimes), layout, photography, production, all the way to press check. I was itching to take a step "forward" by taking a step back and manage the entire creative process. This time, I'm on the other side of writing request for proposals, gathering specs, research market, review proposals, select and work with vendors (thank you SooHoo Designers!), review concepts, oversee and critique designs, supervise photo-shoot, all the way to the end, the press check.

Luckily for me, I've got good vendors that I trust along the way. The result was...Well, I make a better creative director than a graphic designer. The annual report was not only on target, but innovative in its presentation of the message and very well received. And the "quirky-ness" the layout, the die-cut and embossed cover, and the whole concept of using a license plate shape, size, and graphic for the cover of the annual report was so in-tune with the business and the industry that, had I stayed at CUDL long enough, probably would have seen it won some sort of award.