Quest Corporate Brochure

This brochure was a complete system of brochures designed under my tutelage.

When I came to Quest, the company had gone through various phases of growth and contraction, and a numbers of mergers and acquisitions. Due to the complexity of the business model and the attempt at growth through acquisition, the marketing department is made of parts from distinctly different business units. What I called the "Frankenstein" of marketing. The visual message of the company was just as disjointed. There was not a single "corporate" message in the creatives, despite attempts to present a clear vision of the company.

The first step was to create a corporate visual guideline. The second step? To follow through and enforce said corporate visual guideline.

So a new corporate brochure that would encompass all the different business units and their models was created. The main brochure is done oversized with a pocket to hold another brochure describing the vision of a specific business unit, be it identity management, compliance, or enterprise level application management. And within each brochure data-sheets of specific products or solutions can be nested within the inner folders of the smaller brochure. All the while the same corporate brand identity is enforced with Quest corporate colors, logos, and a similar design layout for related collateral.

Surprisingly, this project was one of the easiest undertaking in my career. The Creative Services Department was managed by a very capable leader in Patrick Eleazar, who gave me the resources and freedom to explore. And I was blessed with very talented designers who were able to understand and carry out said vision and execute it with minimal supervision.

Sometimes, it's the people you work with that makes YOU look good.