CUDL Datasheet

This isn't a brochure but it's sort of a related collateral.

CUDL needed a set of datasheets to highlight various aspect of the "Direct Lending" business and the services the company provides, both to the Credit Unions and the Dealership network. It's a great tool for the salesperson to bring, there's about 20 or so different pieces that they can mix and match depending on who they're approaching, all with a cohesive branding and message.

The data within some of these document needs to be dynamic, since some content needs to be altered to assist in sales pitch. So a template was created to allow for one color digital printing (i.e. laser printer) on demand around existing content. Back in 2002 when digital, dynamic on demand printing (like Mimeo and such) was in its infancy, I had to do it the old fashion way...Print the base template, and give a formatted word document to the sales department to customize so when they print the document out on the pre-printed datasheet, it would fall right in the blank space allotted with the right font and size. It would take a very distinguished and sharp eye to catch the imprint.

Of course, now-a-days I'd just send it to ANY printer in town with digital/dynamic print capabilities and be done with it.