Falekn Tire FK453 Brochure

These little tri-fold brochures may not look like much but they're the lifeblood of the tire business.

The tire industry is a very competitive business. And the bulk of the sales happen at the point of sale, which for the industry means the local tire shops. From a quick glance they must grab the consumer's attention, and "speak" to them through the use of imagery. Since tires aren't the most sexy objects in the world (they're round and black), we speak to the consumer through the cars that these tires are installed on.

So we have to pick and choose each and every car that goes with the tire's make and model, to make sure that the consumer feels at ease buying this particular brand of tires for their particular car. While on the surface it seems easy, the answer isn't always the obvious one.

The FK453 from Falken is their premium sporty tire, aimed squarely at other premium extreme summer performance tires from other more well know, better established brands. So despite the fact that the tire is priced more along the line of a middle tier tire, we need to have the owners "aspire" to better product. Thus the placement of a Mercedes Benz AMG class car.