Merge is a quarterly publication for Credit Union Direct Lending members.

It was concocted by the Marketing department as a way to keep various CUDL member Credit Unions updated with the latest figures and news, along with "best practices" articles and event coverage throughout the year. Copy is provided by various department with exact word count on a quarterly basis, along with financial figures and membership numbers at the end of the publication. The entire publication is done in 4 colors all throughout the magazine.

In order to save cost, the inside portion of the magazine is pre-printed and the content "imprinted" onto the magazine, so the initial run of the stock was amortized over 4 issues. So the fun part of each quarterly publication was the design of the cover, since the content was basically ready-to-layout with some minor adjustment. Of course, the articles usually don't arrive until days before the printing deadline so it's always a mad dash to the finish line, at least once a quarter...And the covers are usually done as generic as can be so as not to conflict with the actual article.