Ads, in some way, are far easier for creative work, yet far more taxing from a creative standpoint. You have to capture a much wider audience, unlike catalogs or datasheets or other collateral where you're handing the end product to a captive consumer.

Quest Toad Ad concept


Click on the image above to see a PDF of some of the concepts and directions initially proposed. The sketches were put in front of a small group of internal developers to test and see which concepts they gravitated toward, and surprisingly...Or not surprisingly, none of them really gravitated toward any of them specifically. Based on the developer's feedback, this is the result of the ad concept:

Final Toad Ad

That's my friend and coworker Kyle's legs on the table. This was shot in a big conference room, then re-touched to look like an office. Boy if I had kept the original photoshop files...It was a fun shoot though.